High Energy Lithium Batteries

Provide long-lasting, efficient and controllable high-quality power!

Win in “endurance”

The lithium ion battery with long cycle life and high energy density is selected as the High Energy Lithium Batteries, to provide stable, long-lasting power supply for UPS,EPS,PCS or other loads.. With proven BMS triple level protection to ensure longer cycle life and reliability ,it can provide power for a longer period but with a low cost per kWh. High Energy battery is really a good “marathon runner” in energy storage products.


The battery has high energy density and can supply power continuously and stably for a long time;
Comprehensive intelligent temperature control improves system efficiency and stability and battery cycle life;

High Safety

Low-thermal-runaway-rate LFP battery;
Triple-layered protection, more than 200 security designs
Multiple safety tests to deal with violent collision;
Multi-state monitoring and hierarchical actions to ensure battery system safety;
Active equalization to maximize system capacity;


Visual human-computer interaction interface;
CAN and RS485 communication;
Remote monitoring, equipment management, troubleshooting and data analysis;


EFS480-160EⅡB / EFS768-160EⅡB

System capacity: 160Ah
Rated power: 480/768kWh
weight: 800/1200kg

EFS480-120EⅡB / EFS768-120EⅡB

System capacity: 120Ah
Rated power: 480/768kWh
weight: 800/1200kg

EFS480-280EⅡB / EFS768-280EⅡB

System capacity: 280Ah
Rated power: 460/768kWh
weight: 1200/1900kg


10 battery pack+1 control module16 battery pack+1 control module12 battery pack+1 control module20 battery pack+1 control module
Active equalization BMSActive equalization BMSActive equalization BMSActive equalization BMS
25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥5000times25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥5000times25℃ 0.5C/0.5C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥3000times25℃ 0.5C/0.5C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥3000times

New Energy ChargingStation

The power supply capacity of the station is not enough, only 190kva in total, which can not support the high-power fast charging demand of new energy vehicles, and the charging speed is slow.

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Integrated New Energy ChargingStation

The Netherlands has issued a policy banning fuel vehicles in major cities by 2030, with huge new-energy car charging stations and electricity distribution needs that the local grid can not meet.

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Hainan New Energy ChargingStation

In order to support the urban development of Boao Le City International Medical Tourism Advance Zone, meet the demand of power load growth in the leading area, and fully support the promotion of green low-carbon and eco-beautiful construction in Hainan…

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Energy Storage UPS

The load of data center needs stable and uninterrupted operation, and UPS is needed as the guarantee of uninterrupted power supply.

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Subway Station UPS Lithium Battery(LFP)

The lead-acid battery of UPS has caused problems in the operation of subway station, such as too much space occupied , excessive ground bearing capacity, no monitoring of battery operationa and frequent maintenance.

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PV and UPSproject

Lhasa Xingye Bank Project is located on the roof of Lhasa Xingye Bank. The project uses the bank building roof to build a total installed capacity of 217.8 kWp PV power generation system. The power generation system adopts 0.4 KV spontaneous self-use surplus power network mode, and the network is the low voltage side of the user distribution room.

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